About Us


Many people have known us - the team around nastila - for several years through our passionate presence in the film and video industry, especially for balloon and inflatable lovers. During this long time, we have been able to enrich and expand a lot of experience and knowledge about balloons and everything that has to do with them through our work with balloons and the exchange with our community.

During this time we were able to realize our most fervent wish - the desire to have our own balloons. Many have already been able to hold the first edition of our nastila balloons, which was released in 2022, in their hands.

nastila - make me burst! - balloons

Beautiful, isn't it? Of course, we continue to offer these, but only in limited quantities.

When the "make me burst!" balloons were finally sold out, the desire for a replenishment grew ever greater. During this time, we naturally continued to work on an overarching project in order to be able to supply you with your favorite balloons in the long term.

During this time, the first designs for nastila-balloons.com were created, a project in which we can let our balloon fantasies run wild. Since you are now reading these lines, it means that the project was successful and you can already call the new nastila balloons your own. Here you can see some of our new designs that were created during the construction of nastila balloons:

nastila balloonsnastila balloons

We hope to be able to offer you a unique Looner experience on our site and in the shop and look forward to what new balloons the future will bring us. Of course you will be the first to be informed here.

Best wishes to the best community,

your team around nastila and nastila balloons